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Closed Circuit Television combined with a UK Monitoring service takes the effectiveness of CCTV to a new level and brings a whole new range of value for money.

The CCTV system is directly linked to the ARC allowing round-the-clock surveillance and monitoring of premises.

CCTV systems can also now facilitate authorised access such as out of hour's deliveries whilst activating / deactivating air locks remotely.

Remote CCTV monitoring is more economical and can be more reliable than employing security personnel.

UK Monitoring can monitor in real time visual activity and determine if the system has been activated by a customer, staff, deliveries or a criminal attack. The operator has the ability to pan, tilt and zoom the cameras unless all cameras are static to get an accurate picture of the disturbance. The operator will make a rapid assessment of the situation and take the appropriate action, following your predetermined instructions along with notifying the police false alarms are eliminated as all system activations are verified.

An intercom link can also be provided for authorised enquiries.


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