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IP Signalling

UK Monitoring is a pioneer in IP signalling with its first installation in 2004. We are able to provide for a range of IP Signalling solutions.

IP Signalling provides end users with an opportunity to both upgrade security signalling and reduce costs.

Traditional analogue signalling products have signalled simple pin alarms to the ARC. New digital signalling systems integrate more closely with the alarm panel, and other systems, to provide SIA protocol alarms and remote maintenance features.

Signals are transmitted over a shared internet or private connection to the ARC with no call charges and transmission speeds that far outspeed analogue solutions.

The IP and GPRS paths are constantly monitored to the highest European and insurance standards and all transmissions are encrypted and protected using the latest techniques.

Service providers with the facility to carry out remote maintenances will be able to do this quickly and effectively on IP connected systems. This can be carried out on the majority of industry standard panels.

UK Monitoring has pioneered the use of IP signalling for many customers resulting in significant savings year on year compared to existing technology whilst increasing the level of security and the functionality of the signalling itself.



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